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Our Methodology - Why I Picked These King-Sized Mattresses

High-quality king-size mattresses absorb a high amount of motion and cradle the body, helping partners stay asleep if the other one moves, and alleviating pressure points and muscle tension.

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When I reviewed these mattresses, I first examined their layers, seeing the feel and material of each. Then, I lay on the mattress, testing how the layers combined felt in different sleeping positions. Motion isolation was also tested using a glass of water and compression tests, seeing how well the mattress absorbed motion with how much or little the water moved. This helped me determine which mattresses would perform best if you share the bed with a partner. In addition, I tested a mattress for its cushioning comfort levels by measuring how much compression my torso versus my hips would make in the bed. A mix of hands-on experience and knowledge in the mattress industry helped me choose the best king-size mattresses, and I will share more methodology tips at the end of the article so you can better decide which mattress would suit your home best.

Before we dive into details, let me allocate one paragraph of my King mattress review to a brief historical reference on how King beds actually appeared.

Because it’s quite interesting.

Until the late 1950s, there were two most common bed sizes on the market: Twin and Full. The Hollywood shows and movies of that era projected strict views on intimate relationships, which dictated that it was normal for married couples to sleep in separate beds.

Ironically, a couple of years later, the same Hollywood shows and movies that portrayed the life of the rich changed the game completely.

The image of a luxurious bedroom with a huge bed tucked with silk sheets slowly transferred from the screens to the minds of regular users. This resulted in increased demand for larger beds, with the following introduction of Queen and King-sized beds to the market. The companies that pioneered in making these sizes were Sealy and Simmons (the latter also introduced the California King mattress a couple of years later).

Fun fact: Some historians suggest that the very first King bed was invented around the 1890s and was enormously huge compared to the modern King mattresses. It could easily accommodate up to 15 people (1). Imagine the size of the room you’d need to fit this bed!

Benefits of Having a King-Sized Mattress

Now, let’s outline how a good King-sized mattress can change your sleeping routine so that you make sure you’ve picked the right size:

  • More space. Obviously, you’ll have more personal space on a King mattress. This will help you get cozier and find a comfortable position to drift off more easily. Along with that, if you allow your pets to sleep on the bed — or, if you occasionally co-sleep with your kid — a few extra inches of space will also be beneficial.
  • Better support. The bigger area of a King-sized mattress allows for more even weight distribution. For example, if your partner is a large sleeper, you won’t feel how deep he dives into the mattress layers and your sleep will be uninterrupted.
  • Lower motion transfer. Due to the larger area, King mattresses also muffle sharp movements more efficiently than Queen ones. This might be an advantage for restless sleepers and their partners.
  • Healthier sleep. Overall, by having more room to move and get comfy, you can easily improve your sleep quality and even alleviate your sleep disturbances (assuming they were caused by a lack of space).

Aside from all of that, it would be unfair not to mention how luxurious a King mattress looks in a master bedroom. If you choose a high-profile bed and properly decorate it, you can easily turn your bedroom into the royal chambers.

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Important Checks to Make Before Choosing a King Size Mattress for Your Bedroom

Finally, I want to briefly walk you through the little yet important details you need to consider if you want to choose the best King mattress on the market.

Here they are.

Room Space

A large mattress requires a lot of space to fit in properly. A King bed measures roughly 6 x 6.8 feet, and you need at least 2 feet more on each side to be able to get in and out of bed comfortably.

Add to this how much the pieces of furniture, such as nightstands and drawers, and the space between them will take — and you will see that not every room will be able to accommodate a King mattress.

I recommend that you opt for this size only if your bedroom measures at least 13 x 13 feet (2). In this case, you can comfortably lay out your King mattress along with the rest of the furniture, without making a room look crowded.

Also, be attentive when making a purchase. Make sure you’re buying a standard King (which measures 76 x 80 inches) and not the wider Cal King (which is 72 x 84 inches) (3).

Bed-in-a-Box or Regular Mattress?

Another problematic moment with King mattresses is their weight and bulkiness, which can make transportation difficult. Especially if you choose brands like Saatva, who don’t ship their products compressed in a box. In a house with narrow staircases, with a bedroom located on the second floor, mattress delivery can turn into a challenge.

So, a bed-in-a-box might be a more suitable option here. However, compressed mattresses might not always expand completely, especially the cheaper ones. This may result in insufficient support and decreased durability.

Bottom line?

Read user reviews and choose trusted brands with a good history and reputation on the market. Also, steer clear of suspiciously low prices.

Alternatively, you may consider ordering a Split King configuration. This way your mattress will arrive as two separate halves. Moreover, you may be able to customize each half prior to purchasing.

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How Will You Use It?

Your lifestyle may also impact mattress characteristics.

For example, if you and your partner live minimalist lives, you may not need to overpay for a luxurious King mattress. A medium-priced bed without any bells and whistles can work fine for you.

Keep in mind that as many as 21% of King mattresses range between $600 and $899, according to the statistics in 2016 (4). This means there are many decent models even for a more modest budget.

If your pets sleep with you, then you might need something more durable and resistant to their claws. In this case, investing in a mattress with a removable and washable cover is a good idea. Also, make sure your mattress is made of heavy-duty materials.

Warranty and Returns

Since King mattresses are the priciest option on the market, it’s totally okay to want some funds protection. Choose companies offering sleep trial. In this case, if your new mattress appears unsuitable for your needs after the break-in period, you can just fill in the return claim and get your money back.

Also, learn about warranty conditions. Most mattress brands offer you a refund or replacement in the case of craftsmanship defects, but it’s always better to double-check.

Note that any spills and stains on your mattress will void the warranty, so it’s better to purchase a waterproof protector along with the mattress.


Overall, larger mattresses usually cost more.

And since the King size is pretty big, shoppers might expect to spend quite a lot on their new mattress.

Now, on average, King mattress prices range from around $900 to $2,000. However, the final price would depend on the mattress type (aside from other factors such as brand reputation or warranty).

Innerspring models tend to be among the cheapest ones. Foam mattresses belong to a more affordable segment, but there are plenty of high-end models among them as well. Hybrids are usually a bit pricier. As for latex mattresses, this type belongs to the most expensive price category.

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What Is the Best Type of King Mattresses?

Each mattress type has its unique characteristics. Naturally, they might not work for everyone. That’s why understanding what each mattress type has to offer makes shopping much easier.

So, here are the main types of King-size mattresses available on the market these days:

  • Memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are famous for their pressure-relieving abilities. They conform closely to the body and provide adaptive support. Memory foam works well for partnered sleepers as it doesn’t allow for motion transfer. That being said, foam is notorious for sleeping hot. To avoid that, shoppers can look for models that use open-cell or gel-infused foam (at least among the comfort layers).
  • Polyfoam. There’s not much difference between memory and polyurethane foam. However, the latter is a bit more responsive and doesn’t feel that restricting. Plus, polyfoam tends to be slightly less durable.
  • Innerspring. Spring mattresses offer bouncy support but aren’t ideal for pressure alleviation. They usually have only a thin layer of padding that might not work for some users (especially side sleepers). At the same time, innerspring models are affordable and sleep cool.
  • Hybrid. Hybrid mattresses manage to effectively combine support with tension alleviation. They use wrapped coils and foam/latex, making this mattress type ideal for someone who wants to find that golden middle. But hybrids aren’t perfect, as they tend to be thick and bulky. Plus, this isn’t the most budget-friendly option on the market.
  • Latex. Latex mattresses are especially popular among fans of natural products, as this type does not use harmful chemicals during manufacturing. Latex mattresses are bouncy but adaptive. This means they can provide close conforming and tension redistribution but don’t feel enveloping. Latex is also a temperature-neutral material (great news for hot sleepers!). However, shoppers need to keep in mind that latex mattresses can be very pricey.

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  • Mattress type. Each mattress type has its peculiarities, and some might not work for you. So it’s better to learn a bit more about them before shopping. For example, foam models are famous for their pressure-alleviating properties. That being said, they tend to cause heat retention and might also restrict one’s movement. Innerspring mattresses sleep cool but don’t have an impressively long lifespan. Hybrid mattresses usually have a very balanced feel (support + cradling) and don’t sleep hot. They also have sturdy edges, in most cases. However, keep in mind that hybrid mattresses can often be pretty bulky and thick, which makes them harder to transport. As for latex mattresses, they are durable, sleep cool, and show great results in terms of pressure relief. This mattress type also has an above-average lifespan, which may explain the higher price point.


How to get a King-size mattress upstairs?

Most mattresses are shipped vacuum-sealed in a box, so you just need to carry it upstairs and unbox it right in your bedroom. If your King mattress is delivered in its full size, you should measure the passages and staircases to make sure it will fit through.

How much does a King mattress weigh?

Depending on the materials used, a King bed may weigh from 100 to 180 pounds. But the thinner it is, the less it will weigh.

How to dispose of your old King-size mattress?

Many mattress companies offer free mattress removal when you purchase a new bed from them. You can also donate it to your local charity or contact a recycling facility in your area.


King mattresses are popular for a reason. They give you more space to stretch, which is especially important if you share a bed with someone who sleeps in a starfish position. I’ve collected five models that can please even the pickiest sleepers. They have excellent value for money and can offer you great support and serve for years to come.

In my opinion, the Puffy is my best king-size mattress for its buttery, body-hugging memory foam layers, its ability to keep your temperature neutral, and its removable cover to keep your bed fresh for years easily.

So, why are you considering getting a King-sized bed? Does any model of those above seem suitable for you? You’re welcome to share in the comments below!

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