Ceragem : Therapy You Need (2023)

Ceragem Therapy is the foremost and single massager, which scans the span of your spine and offers a fully tailored massage, relieving arthritis pain, relaxing muscles and increase energy with good blood circulation.
Infrared Heat and rollers are the main features of Ceragem Massage, which help in healing and improving overall health. Infrared rays heat the body to kindle the blood vessels, while rollers logically stimulate flow.

Most people are unknown to Ceragem Therapy benefits. Korea is a country where this therapy originated. The name of this therapy has been named after the medical equipment company, which was established in 1998.
Chinese massage method was the motivation for developing ceragem therapy. This therapy mainly focuses on the main 4 points massage, thermal therapy, moxibustion and finger pressure.

Finger Pressure is a concept of converting the physical stimulation by fingers resembling massaging by a device.

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Ceragem treatment usually works by back rub, applying heat and finger weight. It joins therapeutic treatment through eastern customs with a blend of the present innovation. The machine offers far infrareds to provide a particular amount of warmth to the human body that originates via strong jade as well as epoxy boards connected on the massager.

This warmth is comparative with the body’s warmth. There are many advantages to this treatment. It helps in calming muscle torment and also helps in advanced body pose. Below are some Ceragem therapy points:


There are various ways to use this machine and get the right treatment for your pain. Every device of this gadget is equipped with manual instructions and ceragem recommend using thermal massager twice a day. You can use this device morning and night that consumes very little energy. Anybody can try this therapy.

The gadgets are outfitted with finished manual instruction and prescribe to make use of warm massager twice in a day as it gives you vitality in each touch. People can go for this treatment as it has lots of benefits but people who have gone under some surgery need to wait till 3 months to avail of its benefits. Pregnant ladies, people with low stamina, osteoporosis, diabetes and other issues should avoid using this gadget. In case you have other health issues then it is better to take advice from the counselor. Do not use it on the entire stomach as great degree usage exhausts people. Youngsters can use this warm massager and change its temperature manually as this machine can hold up to 150kg bodyweight.

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Most of the people are giving positive reviews about Ceragem treatment. Some people also write as sera gym therapy instead of ceragem therapy. People who have used this treatment usually express their genuine views about the cure and claim that it is not an overnight cure to your pain. Nonetheless, there are reports about different reactions of using Ceragem treatment such as weak bones and wooziness. Weak bones, though look like little overstating, yet always choose the best and review a lot before selecting and using this treatment for friends and family.

When you are using Ceragem treatment then make sure you take experts’ help and do it in a proper way. Do not take this therapy when you are pregnant or have other health issues. Always seek doctor’s advice before taking this treatment.

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(Video) CERAGEM V4 | Your Everyday Answer to Recharge


What is Ceragem good for? ›

Benefits blood pressure and shoulder pain. Benefits shoulder pain as well as circulation to the hands. Benefits the cranial systems and helps to reduce headaches, sinus pressure, and thyroid health. Benefits are the same as the first.

How often should you use Ceragem? ›

CERAGEM. How many times do I have to use the CERAGEM Thermal Massager? It is recommended to use the CERAGEM Thermal Massager twice a day (every morning and evening).

Why is Ceragem free? ›

Q. 2 Why does the Ceragem centre offer free experience? (Experience Marketing Introduction) A. 2 We offer free experiences so that customers can experience them, feel the effects, and know their value before purchasing because Ceragem product was unprecedented in the world.

How do I start ceragem? ›

How to use Ceragem
  1. Position your body. Make sure that the head ends match the ends of the bed.
  2. Select the intensity level. ( 1 for the first time or sick)
  3. Select a mode. ( Recommended mode 4, please refer to the front) ...
  4. Check the temperature. ( Recommended temperature of the upper and lower heaters 130) ...
  5. Select music. (
Jul 1, 2020

How much does ceragem therapy cost? ›

$111.08/mo. Before You Purchase the CERAGEM V4, Experience the Health Benefits of the V4 With Your Own Body!

Can I use massager everyday? ›

If you're looking for a little wellness and relaxation, you can safely enjoy a relaxation massage at most, every day. However, make sure to space it out so that your body does not get overwhelmed.

What is the age limit for Ceragem? ›

What is the minimum age and/or minimum height and weight to use Ceragem Master V3? There is no age limit, but the height should be at least 4 feet and 4 inches tall, so that the machine can scan the back. It supports tall people. The machine supports up to 299 Lbs.

What is the weight limit for Ceragem? ›

What is the allowable weight to use the Ceragem Master? The customer with the weight of up to 150 kg (330 lb) can use the Ceragem Master.

What is the price of Ceragem Korean therapy machine? ›

Ceragem V3 Type Bed Ghl Korea Z9 Bed at Rs 149000 | Automatic Thermal Massage Bed in Ambala | ID: 10936934755.

Which stone is used in Ceragem? ›

Jade Stone

Is Ceragem approved by who? ›

Ceragem Master V3 and V4 are a 510K medical device approved by FDA which does hot thermalacupressure, deep tissue rolling massage and intense stretching of your spine at the same time.

How much does Ceragem franchise cost? ›

2,59,9000 / V3 is 2,45,000 rupees. The deposit and installation fee paid when applying for EcHom can be converted into purchase price.

What is the price of Ceragem machine V4? ›

Black Hm Medical V6 Batter Then Ceragem Master V4 Bed at Rs 160000 in Ambala.

What is thermal massage therapy? ›

The Migun Thermal Massage table combines therapeutic effects of acupressure, far infrared heat, and massage therapy to provide you with pain relief, relaxation, and health. Dozens of heated jade balls roll along the spine providing a warm relaxing massage to the muscles on your back and legs.

What is ceragem belt? ›

Slim Belt is a small home electric physical therapy device. People living in the current high-degree technological age are suffering from the adult diseases and chronic diseases caused by the unbalanced diet, pollution and stress.

Where is ceragem from? ›

Ceragem is a South Korean-based healthcare company, entering into with a presence in more than 70 countries, and 2,500 centres worldwide.

Where did ceragem originate? ›

Since the start of the business in Vietnam in 2008, Ceragem has been playing a role as a bridge between the two countries for mutual growth. Currently 30 Ceragem centers are open in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

What is Ceragem Master V3? ›

Ceragem Master V3 is a medical device approved by the Korea Medical Device Safety Information Service that provides intensive heat and compression stimulation to the spine .

What happens if I massage my body everyday? ›

Harvard Medical School recognises that massages can reduce pain and physically restore you. National Institutes of Health say massages reduce stress, promote relaxation and improve moods. Just a few minutes of gentle everyday massage is enough and can make more of a difference than one hour every few weeks.

Can a massager break up belly fat? ›

Unfortunately, no massage gun can break down fat cells. However, a massage gun or therapeutic massage therapist can help speed up the fat breakdown and eliminate sagging skin caused by weight loss.

What happens if you massage too much? ›

Excessive pressure can probably cause rhabdomyolysis (“rhabdo”): poisoning by proteins liberated from injured muscle, known as a “muscle crush” injury. It would usually be mild with massage, but not necessarily.

What is the price of ceragem V3? ›

Ceragem Massage V3 Therapy Bed at Rs 115000 | Massage Bed in Ambala | ID: 20977681012.

What is the slogan of ceragem? ›

At CERAGEM, we value the needs of our customers and we are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction by following our motto: LOVE, SERVICE, AND KINDNESS.

What is the price of ceragem in India? ›

Ceragem Machine - Gym & Fitness

₹ 60,000Ceragem Therapy Machine for your back.

What are the health benefits of shiatsu? ›

Moreover, shiatsu massage is a great passive stretching of the whole body, it energizes the whole system, stimulates blood circulation and helps the body to eliminate toxins. It has been confirmed that shiatsu massage restores vitality, reinforces the immune system and stimulates the body's defence system.

What are the health benefits of Gua Sha? ›

Gua sha, when used on the face or body, helps to relieve muscle tension, boost blood circulation, and promote lymphatic drainage. It also enhances the delivery of fresh oxygen and nutrients to various tissues throughout the body, which means a healthier glow for the skin!

Is massager good for health? ›

Benefits of massage

Reducing stress and increasing relaxation. Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension. Improving circulation, energy and alertness. Lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

What are the risks of Shiatsu? ›

Shiatsu is generally safe to have. You might have some mild side effects such as headache and muscle stiffness after treatment. You may also feel very tired. These symptoms usually pass within a few hours, but you should contact your therapist for advice if they continue.

What conditions should you not perform Shiatsu massage? ›

Shiatsu should be avoided if you have high blood pressure, heart rhythm trouble or diabetes, and these are not controlled. Areas of your body with local open wounds, recent scars, inflammation, varicose veins etc. will be avoided during the treatment and are local contraindications.

How often do you need a Shiatsu massage? ›

In the beginning, weekly treatments are recommended. Monthly or twice monthly visits are excellent for keeping you in good health.


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