COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING – Deogiri Institute of Engineering and Management Studies (2022)


To impart quality technical education, inculcate professionalism and research environment towards welfare of society.


  • To equip the students with strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • To promote research environment among the students.
  • To inculcate Social, Ethical and Moral values among students.

Program Outcomes

  • Engineering knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
  • Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.
  • Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
  • Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
  • Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.
  • The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
  • Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
  • Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.
  • Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
  • Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
  • Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
  • Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.


  • PEO 1: To equip students with foundation in mathematical, scientific, and engineering fundamentals required to develop software solutions for contemporary problems in various application domains under various realistic constraints.
  • PEO 2: Engage and succeed in their professional careers through teamwork,ethical behaviour, proactive involvement, and effective communication.
  • PEO 3: Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of life-long learningthrough professional development, practical training, and specialized certifications.
  • PEO 4: To enable graduates for creative practice of engineering and other professions in a responsible manner contributing to the socio-economicdevelopment of the society.
  • PEO 5 (PSO 1): To inculcate an ability to apply techniques for developingchallenging computer-based solutions in the domain of data, system, andnetwork engineering.
  • PEO 6 (PSO 2): To inculcate an ability to develop practical competence byproviding them knowledge of software development and enabling development of skills on cutting edge technologies for developing
    employability skill sets, entrepreneurship, and zest for higher studies.
Sr. No.Name of the StaffDesignationContact NoEmail Id
1Mr. Kalyankar S. BAssociate

Ms. Joshi P.A.

GoogleCloudReady Facilitator


Mr. Shah S. G.

HCIA – Routing & Switching


Dr. Tribhuvan P. P.



Dr.Nandedkar S. C.


Assistant Professor



Mr. Katkar P. M

Assistant Professor


7Ms. Chaudhari M.P.Assistant
8Ms.Shelke S. K.Assistant
9Mr. Rathod P. R.Assistant
10Dr. S.M.ChavanAssistant

Ms. Dhas P. B.


12Dr. Bhalerao P. B.Assistant
13Mr. Durole P. H.Assistant
14Dr. Ponde S. S.Assistant
15Ms. Gaikwad A. S.Assistant

Ms. Borase P. N.


17Ms.Joshi A. A.Assistant
18Ms.Shaikh N. R.Associate
19Mr. Kolte V. S.Assistant
20Dr. Kasarla V. R.Assistant

Ms.Munde M. R.



Mr. Shinde V. S.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate

23Dr. Khan R. A.Assistant


COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING – Deogiri Institute of Engineering and Management Studies (6)


Sr. No.Name of the CompanyClassDate of Industrial Visit (DD/MM/YY)Number of Benificiries
1Marathwada Auto Cluster,P174, Waluj, AurangabadSY CSE A10/10/201954
2Cyber Cell division of Commisioner of Police ,AurangabadTECSE A & B7/10/201950
3Government Forensic Lab,AurangabadSECSE B21/09/201935
4Greaves Cotton, AurangabadTECSE B23/07/201945


Sr. No.Name of the CompanyClassDate of Industrial Visit (DD/MM/YY)Number of Benificiries
1Kohler India Pvt Ltd, ChikalthanaSE30/01/201960
2Ascent Engineering, WalujTE08/02/201933
3Regional Forensic Laboratory, Aurangabad.TE07/02/201926
4Varroc Engineering Pvt. Ltd, WalujBE12/03/201942
5Sai Electricals ,Shendra MIDC,AuranagabadSECSE-II10/04/201961
6NIBL ,Shendra MIDC,AuranagabadSECSE-II10/04/201961
7Liebherr Appliances Pvt.Ltd,Shendra MIDCTE13/04/201931
8Tiny Cooperative Industrial Estate LtdSECSEII11/08/201862
9Nath Paper Mill, MIDC PaithanSE CSE I06/09/201849
10Government Institute of Forensic ScienceSECSE I04/09/201860
11Expert GlobalTECSE31/08/201870
12BG FAsteningTECSE12/09/201868
13Sarvesh Engineering WorksTECSE28/09/201845
14Jaikwadi DamSECSE II24/09/201852


Sr. No.Name of the CompanyClassDate of Industrial Visit (DD/MM/YY)Number of Benificiries
1Varroc Engineering Pvt. ltd,AurangabadTECSE I,II05/04/201850
2Indraraj Plastopack, AurangabadTECSE I,III28/03/201840
3Vatan Textiles ltd, AurangabadTECSE III21/03/201839
4Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, AurangabadBECSE02/02/201816
5Varroc Engineering Pvt. ltd,AurangabadSECSE II19/01/201861
6Marathwada Auto Cluster, AurangabadSECSE I18/01/201856
7Bajaj Auto ltd, AurangabadSE31/08/201726
8Jayakwadi Dam, PaithanSE,BE26/08/201747
9Varroc Engineering Pvt. ltd,AurangabadSE24/08/201764
10Red Hat India, PuneTE, BE17/08/201732
11Bagla Group, AurangabadBE17/08/201740
12Franke Faber India, AurangabadTE, BE09/08/201770
13Shree Saigan Industries, AurangabadTE, BE09/08/201770


Sr. No.Name of the CompanyClassDate of Industrial Visit (DD/MM/YY)Number of Benificiries
1Red Hat India,BangaloreTE30/03/201752
2Doddabetta Tea Factory, UdhagamandalamTE29/03/201752
3Remedy Biomedicals, AurangabadBE24/03/201718
4Pawan Enterprises, AurangabadSE20/03/201743
5BG L1-1N Electronics Ltd., AuranagabdSE,BE20/03/201743
6Lokmat Media Pvt.Ltd, AurangabadSE20/03/201739
7Renuka Mata Mahila Bachat Gut,KannadBE01/03/201742
8Printwell Technologies, AurangabadTE,ME26/02/201741
9Alankar Industries ltd., A’badSE,TE23/02/201752
10Remedy Biomedicals, AurangabadSE18/02/201721
11Precision Power Products India,A’badSE31/01/201747
12Parason Machinery Pvt ltd., A’badSE,BE16/01/201753
13Metalman Auto, A’badSE11/01/201733
14Nath Paper Mill Ltd.SE17/10/201672
15Swarsakshi Recording Studio, A’badTE08/10/201632
16Yeshashree Press Comps, A’badTE29/09/201634
17Metalman Auto, A’badTE10/09/201659
18Bhakti Auto Comp Pvt.LtdTE10/09/201659
19Measurewell Technologies, A’badSE29/08/201621
20Prasar Bharti, A’badSE,TE26/08/201650
21Forbes & Company, A’badSE25/08/201646
22Arrow Tools, A’badTE,BE25/08/201643
23Sarola Wireless Station, A’badBE13/08/201648
24Rucha Engineering, A’badBE12/08/201653


Sr. No.Name of the CompanyClassDate of Industrial Visit (DD/MM/YY)Number of Benificiries
1Lokmat Printing Press,A’badSE,TE29/04/201642
2Videocon D2h,A’badSE,BE12/04/201657
3Bagala Fastening & Production Industries Pvt.Ltd,A’badSE,TE11/04/201643
4ASR Industry,A’badTE03/03/201655
5Varroc Polymers, A’badBE03/03/201660
6Franke Faber India Ltd.(Sink Division),A’badBE20/02/201640
7Sarola Wireless Station,A’badTE18/02/201626
8All India Radio,A’badSE,ME12/02/201637
9Persistant, PuneTE12/02/2016145
10Prasar Bharti,A’badSE,BE02/02/201658
11Metalman Auto, A’badTE,BE03/10/201544
12Nath Paper Mill,A’badTE23/09/201538
13Indo-German Tool Room,A’badBE14/09/201563
14Proton Electro Motor, A’badSE,BE03/09/201555
15Endurance technology, A’badSE27/08/201520
16NRB Bearings Ltd.,A’badBE27/07/201542
17Jailaxmi Castings & Alloys Pvt.Ltd,A’badBE27/07/201532
18Dhoot Compack ltd., A’badBE25/07/201542
19Diamond Aluminium Pvt.Ltd,A’badSE10/07/201542


Sr. No.Name of the CompanyClassDate of Industrial Visit (DD/MM/YY)Number of Beneficiries
1Alankar Industries Ltd.,A’badTE23/02/201518
2Rajmudra Printing Press,A’badSE22/02/201542
3Diamond Aluminium Pvt.Ltd,A’badSE15/02/201538
4Videocon Industries,A’badSE03/08/201519
5Triniti Mahalasa Durga Sales & ServicesSE02/08/201519
6Microsoft Research India,BangaloreTE23/09/201467

Guest Lectures


Sr. No.Name ofResource PersonDesignation and OrganizationClassDateTopic
1Mr.Amit JainLeadData Scientist, CloudMantra, Pune.SYB17/04/2021FirstSteps Towards Data Science
2Mr.Saurabh Thakre & Mr Shivkumar OpleAnsibleTechnical Support Engineer in Red Hat PuneTYA & B04-09-2021Ansibleand Podman
3Mr.AkashPawarSystemAnalyst, at PWC INDIATYA & B15/4/2021Importanceof Cyber Security
4Mr.TusharKuteResearcher,MituskilloogiesTYA & B05-10-2021IoT&its Applications
5Mr.Yashodeep GaikwadTechtonicPvt. Ltd AurangabadTYA & B24/04/21SQLitedatabase in Andriod
7Prof.T R PatilDirector,National Service Scheme (NSS)TYA & B04-08-2021NationalSocial Service
8Mr.Ajinkya BhaleraoDataScientist, Balfour BeattySYA20/04/2021Buildingreal time data pipeline
on AWS
9Mr.Rohit AgrawalProductIntern at Avo Automation (SLK) & Third year student at The LNM Instituteof Information Technology, JaipurTYA & B05-06-2021Possibleapproaches of a problem of Dynamic Programing”
10Ms.Priyanka GadekarConsultant,CapgeminiTechnology Services India Ltd.,PuneSYB14/06/2021Expectationsof Corporate World from Freshers
11Ms.Pallavi GuptaAsst.Professor ,CSMSS, CSCOESYB18/06/2021StandardTemplate Library
12Mr.Sagar GomteEngineeringLead – Quality, Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd.TYA and TY B17/04/2021Introductionto Manual Testing and Selenium Automation Testing
13Mr.Amey KaradkhedkarSeniorSoftware Developer SAP ABAP at KSB Tech Pvt. Ltd.TYAand TY B04-05-2021Roleof HCI in SAP
14Mr.Nagesh Gote, Ms.Shweta DeshmukhApplicationEngineer OracleSYA/B17/04/2022JavaTechnology in IT SectoR
15Mr.Divyesh VyasFounder,SpatialScience GeotechnologiesTYA and B11-06-2021ApplicationAreas in QGIS
16Mr.Moiz IqbalSungardAvailability Services, PuneTYA abd B08-05-2021DevelopmentEngineering
17Mr.PanajKatharSalesforceProject Manager with Mindtree Limited in Pune.TYA and B06-06-2021Salesorcecarrer for students
18Mr.Jebastin & Mr. SikandarAVPEngineering Photon Infotech, Head- Technology Cranes VarsityTY& BTech24/11/2020Fullstack development & Data Science
19Mr.Vijayendra GaikwadAssistantProfessor, PICTTYA and B23/11/2020Technivalwriting & technival presentation.
20Mr.VivekHiwaleAssistantSoftware Engineer,TCS,PuneTYA & B11-11-2020FunctionalDependancy and Normalization in Database Systems
21Mr.Rahul BharatiAsstProfessor at Law in Govt Institute of Forensic DeptTYA & B30/10/2020ITACT 2000
22Mr.AmoghChivateProgrammerAnalyst,Cognizant Solutions,PuneSYA26/10/2020SalesforcePlatform
23Mr.Rahul BisenAsstProfessor, MGM NandedSYB10-10-2020Baiscsof Python Programming
24MrNikhil KulkarniBasicsof Computer Architecture and Server ManagementSYB10-03-2020Basicsof Computer Architecture and Server Management
25Mr.Changdev JadhavAssistantProfessor, DIEMSTYA and B10-01-2020Applicationsof Bayes Theorem in Machine Learning
26Prof.SarojDateAssistantProfessor,MGM’s JNEC,AurangabadTYA & B26/09/2020Applicationsof Theory of Computation
27Mr.Gaurav SomvanshiCEO& Founder EmarTech InnovationsB.TechA & B18/09/2020BlockchainTechnologies
28MS.Ankita RathiCorporateTrainer, AutomationEdge Pvt. Ltd., PuneB.TechA & B16/09/2020RoboticProcess Automation
29Mr.Shreya PatilAssociateSoftware Engineer,RedHat,PuneSYA and B09-12-2020Opportunitiesin RedHat
30Mr.Tushar KuteResearcher,MITU Skillologies, Pune.TYA and B09-03-2020Pythonfor Machine Learning
Capgemini Technology Services
TYA & B28/08/2020Opensourcetechnologies and GitLab free certification
32Mr.BarnadeepBhowmikSeniorCloud Engineer Schlumberger PuneB.TechA & B26/08/2020CloudComputing

Guest Lectures


Sr. No.Name of Resource PersonDesignation and OrganizationClassDateTopic
1Ms Preeti BanswalJLL software Solutions, AurangabadSY B12/10/2019integrated workplace management system (IWMS) Tool
2Prof. Amarnath PohnakarDeogiri College, AurangabadBE-I & II9/10/2019Classification & Clustering In DM
3Dr. Arti MohanpurkarAssociate Professor, MIT AurangabadTE-I,II07/10/2019Innovations & Creativity In Research
4Mahendra Ugaleassistant professor, JNEC AurangabadBE-II7/10/2019compiler construction
5Ms. Mayuri LahaneRedHat, PuneSY A7/10/2019Career Opportunities in Redhat
6Mr. Prasad RamdasiWipro, PuneSY A6/10/2019Industry 4.0
7Mr. Ajinkya BhaleraoFindability SciencesTE II5/10/2019Time Series Data Analysis
8Dr. B. S. SonawaneVice Principal, MIT PolytechnicBE I & II5/10/2019Cloud Computing
9Mr. Rahul JadhavAssistant Professor, CSE Dept, PESCOE, AurangbadTE I & II4/10/2019Competitive Programming
10Ananta ShindeIOTON Solutions,AurangabadBE-II3/10/2019UI/UX & Web Development
11Mahesh AnkusheIOTON Solutions,AurangabadBE-I30/9/2019Industrial IoT
12Mr. Adinath GiriGiri’s Tech Hub, PuneBE-I & II26/9/2019How to Prepare for technical Interview
13prof. SK Pathanassistant professor, Kalsubai engg college,PuneBE-I23/9/2019Network security
14Ms. Prajakta KulkarniFindability SciencesBE I21/9/2019IT Industry and Latest Technology Trend
15Sahaj Yoga GroupSahaj Yog Meditation Centre, AurangabadBE-II21/9/2019Meditation
16Mr. Sagar GhatgeSoftware Engineer.,Agile Soft Systems, PuneBE I21/9/2019Recent trends &Future Technologies
17Sachin GhatgeSoftware Engineer.,Agile Soft Systems, PuneSE I21/9/2019Future Technologies
18Mr.Siddheshwar KongheSaarthi Education A’badBE I & II13/9/2019Bank Opportunities
19Mr.Amogh ChivateProgram Analyst,Cognizant TechnologySE II6/9/2019Fullstack Development
20Mr.Yogesh ChinchaniProduct Support Analyst, Infor (India) Pvt. Ltd., HyderabadTE-I,II31/8/2019Computer Programming
21Prof.Shilpa SanapAssistant Professor, MIT ABADSE II31/8/2019WORDPRESS
22Mr.Deek ParassiniPositive Influencer,Speaker,SAID,UAESE I & II27/8/2019Life is All Positive
23Mr. Altaf KhanSAP ABAP Consultant, Bluestonex Consultancies Pvt. LtdBE II24/8/2019Introduction to SAP
24Mr. Mayur Deshmukh & Mr. Mayank PhadkeFree LancerTE-I,II17/8/2019javaScript and Python Programming
25Mr.Ramkrishna WaghAssistance Vice President,TE-I,II17/8/2019“Importance of competitive programing in industry”.
26Mr.Mayur DeshmukWeb developerSE-II17/8/2019javaScript and Framework
27Mr.Yogesh ChinchaniEngineer IT,Liebherr Appliances India Pvt. LtdSE II16/8/2019Importance of Data Structure in IT Industry
28Prof. L. B. RandiveAssistant Professor, MIT ABADSE II03/08/2019Relations in DM
29Mr Sumit PendkarConsultant,Nothern Trust,BangloreTE-I,II29/7/2019Webinar on software Testing & Financial Management
30Ms Monika GugnaniSenoir Technical Consultants , Red HatSE I & II17/7/2019open source


Sr. No.Name of Resource PersonDesignation and OrganizationClassDateTopic
1Mr. Aditya Patil/ Mr. Prashant BandGetstarted LLP,TECHNICAL MANAGERTE-II20/10/2018HBASE:NOSQL DATABASE FOR HADOOP
2mr.Ashish WakdeChief Entrepreneurial Consultant ,Yuvamantra Learning Solution,PuneSE/TE/BE5/10/2018Entrepreneurship Development
3Mr.Akshay VerulkarSystem Administrator at HSBC Technology , PuneBE -I22/09/2018Current Trends in Software Technology
4Mr. Sarang WakodikarProduct and Delivery Head, Seed Infotech Ltd., PuneBE-I and II4/9/2018Interview Secrets
5Mr. Sarang WakodikarProduct and Delivery Head, Seed Infotech Ltd., PuneTE-I and II4/9/2018How to learn IT Concepts?
6Mr. Sarang WakodikarProduct and Delivery Head, Seed Infotech Ltd., PuneSE-I and II4/9/2018World of IT Changing…are you?
7Mr.Gaurav K.PatniSr.S/W Engineer at Mastercard,PuneTE I1/9/2018Innovation in IT and Introduction to Patents
8Dr. Namrata MahenderAssistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and IT, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, AurangabadBE I1/9/2018Parallel Programming Using Open MP
9Ms. Darshana BotharaProject Co-ordinator, MAN Diesel & Turbo Ltd. AurangabadTE I25/8/2018Software Process Model & Agile Methodology
10Ms. Saroj DateAsst. Professor, JNEC, AurangabadTE24/8/2018Theory of Computation
11Dr. Charansing KayteAsst. Professor, Govt. Institute of Forensic Science, AurangabadSE I & II20/8/2018Digital and Cyber Fornsic
12Aniruddha Hatwalneconsultant, ICD, AurangabadBE CSE-I, II20/8/2018Overseas education and career opportunities
13Mr. Girish KundlikarSharePoint Developer, MAN Diesel & Turbo Ltd. AurangabadTE I & II18/8/2018SharePoint Application Development
14Mr Barnadeep BoimikTechnical ManagerBE I and II17/8/2018javascripe and cloud computing
15Dr. M. B. NagoriAsst. Professor, Govt. Engineering College, AurangabadBE II8/8/2018Preprocessing in Data mining using Python
16Ms. Ankita PundProgrammer Analyst, CognizantSE II3/8/2018Opportunities in MNCs
17Ms. Ranjana GoreAsst.Professor, MIT polytechnic, AurangabadSE II3/8/2018WordPress
18Dr. Arti MohanpurkarAssociate ProfessorSE I and II31/7/2018Empower Yourself
19Ms. Yogita ChinchaniProject Manager,Ticket Utils,AuranagabadSE I28/7/2018Web Technologies & Recent Trends
20Mr. Abhijeet BhatambrekarSr. Software Engineer, BancBridge Software Pvt. LtdTE II20/7/2018PIJ
21Mr Asuhutosh BhakareUnnati Development & Training Center Pvt.LtdSE I and II20/7/2018Red Hat Certification
22Dr.B.N.PandeRetired Professor & Head of Department Environmental Studies,Dr.BAMU,AuranagabadSE I18/7/2018Solid Waste Management Treatment & Disposal
23Mr. Yuvraj GosaviCloud Engineer Hostin Service Pvt. Ltd.TECSE-I and II14/7/2018Career in Cloud Computing
24Mr. Yuvraj GosaviCloud Engineer Hostin Service Pvt. Ltd.BE I14/7/2018AWS
25Mr. Shirish PandayAPAC lead RED HAT MumbaiTECSE-I and II13/7/2018Career in Open Source
26Prashant BandTechnical ManagerBE I and II12/7/2018Hadoop Technology
27Prof. R. R. ManzaAssistant Professor, Dr. BAM UniversitySE II29/1/2019Image Processing
28Ms.Bhakti GhundewarLead Oracle Developer,Infosys LtdTE-I,II25/1/2019Latest Trends as Oracle DBA
29Ms. Amita B. SarwadePh. D. Research FellowTECSE I & TECSE- II9/2/2019International Business Entrepreneurship opportunities
30Mr. Sandeep PatilFreeLancer, Technological GreeksBE I16/2/2019Hadoop Technology
31Mr. Sandeep PatilFreeLancer, Technological GreeksBE II16/2/2019Data Science
32Apurv RohiwalBusiness Associate,Re/Max v21 Reality PlusSE II14/2/2019How to Start start up?
33Nitin BhoyateCEO & Founder of Nocture SolutionsBE II28/2/2019Entrepreneurship Development Process
34Mr. Nived VelayudhanInstructor, Red Hat Mumbai.SE I & SE II1/3/2019Open Source Technology
35Mr.Ravi PawarDirector, Vision IAS AcademyTE CSE II8/3/2019Competitive Exam
36Mr.Swaraj RandhvanData Engineer,EC Mobility,AurangabadTECSE II9/3/2019Employment Opportunities
37Mr. Akhil BhalekarInstructor, Art of LivingSE I26/2/2019Art of Living
38Mr. Parth GoswamiAssociate Technical Support Engineer, Red Hat PuneBE I & II5/3/2019AWS & Linux
39Mr.Ajinkay BhaleraoJr Software Developer ,Findability Science LTD,A,BadTE-I14/3/2019Big Data Handling Using Spark
40Mr.Akhilesh AkolkarJr Software Developer ,Findability Science LTD,A,BadTE-II14/3/2019Big Data
41Mr Swanand BharadSenior RPA Developer,Predikly Pvt Ltd, PuneSE CSE I & II16/2/2019Robotics Process Automation and its importance in future
42Prof.Kirti LP SangoleAsst.Professor MIT Poly.AurangabadSE CSE I & II9/3/2019Soft skills & its need for personality
43Mr. Abhjeet BhatambrekarSr. Software Engineer, BancBridge Software Pvt. Ltd. , AurangabadSE II16/03/2019Applications of Java in Industry
44Dr. Jayprakash BagdeDirector, Pankaja Institute of life management, AurangabadBE II26/3/2019Personality Development
45Prof.Manoj MateAsst.Professor csmss Chh Shahu college of Engg..AurangabadSEI5/4/2019Interview Techniques
46Mr. Akhil BhalekarTeacher. Art of LivingBE II15/04/2019Key to Success
47Ms.Shilpa SanapAssistant Professor, MIT, AurangabadSE-I19/4/2019Concept of Inheritance in Java
48Mr. Onkar JoshiDeveloper, Knorex IndiaTE IIAngular JS, ReactApplications of Probability and Statistics
49Dr.Omprakash JadhavAssistant Professor,Departmrnt of StatisticsSE II1/4/2019Applications of Probability and Statistics
50Dr. C.D.SonarAssistant Professor,Departmrnt of StatisticsSE I3/4/2019Applications of Probability and Statistics


Sr. No.Name of Resource PersonDesignation and OrganizationClassDateTopic
1Dr. A. G. KhanFormer Director, BCUD, Dr. BAMU, AurangabadME CSE14/10/2017Communication Skills
2Mr. Syed AfzaluddinGenius IT park, AurangabadSE28/9/2017ITIMS & Company
3Prof. S. D. PingleAssociate Professor, PES College of engineering, AurangabadTE26/8/2017Mamory Management in Operating System
4Prof. Shalini JainAsst. Professor, MIT, AurangabadTE CSE26/8/2017Underwater sensor Network
5Prof. Supriya KinariwalaAsst. Professor, MIT, AurangabadSE CSE26/8/2017Applications of Data Structure
6Prof. Bhakti AhirwadkarHOD, CSE, MIT, AurangabadTE CSE24/8/2017JVM Architecture & Exception Handling
7Prof. Deepa DharmadhikariAsst. Professor, MIT, AurangabadTE CSE22/8/2017Cloud Database
8Prof. Varsha JadhavAsst. Professor, PES college of Engineering, AurangabadSE CSE19/8/2017Fundamentals of Programming Language
9Prof.Y.S.PagarAsst. Professor, PES college of Engineering, AurangabadBE CSE19/8/2017Classification & clustering
10Mr. Rohit ButteDirector, Cafe Java Insights, PuneBE CSE12/8/2017Introduction to spring framework
11Mr. Ravi MajethiaJava Expert, AurangabadTE CSE11/8/2017Programming in Java
12Mr. Akash JadhavDirector, Sankalp Education, AurangabadTE CSE10/8/2017Opportunities in Banking Sector
13Dr. Amol DeshmukhConsultant, Kamalnayan Bajaj, AurangabadSE CSE10/8/2017Stress Management
14Mr. Rajesh AgrawalDirector, Technowings, PuneBE, BE4/8/2017Overview of VMware
15Mr. Ajinkya DaniSenior Technical ConsultantBE CSE10/8/2017Stress Management
16Mr. Ravi MajethiaJava Expert, AurangabadTE CSE1/8/2017Deployment of Java Project
17Mr. Ashish SinhaSenior Instructor, RedHat, DelhiSE, TE1/8/2017Careear Opportunities in Open Source
18Mr. Aditya KonardeTranee, Software Engineer, R&D RedHat, BangaloreTE CSE27/7/2017Open Source Project
19Mr. Aditya KonardeTranee, Software Engineer, R&D RedHat, BangaloreSE CSE27/7/2017Knowledge in Open Source
20Dr. A. A. AshtaputreHead, Dept of Psychology, Dr. BAMUAll girls20/7/2017Handling relationships
21Mr. Sandeep PatilTechnological Geeks, Director, AurangabadBE CSE18/7/2017Big Data & Hadoop
22Mr. Kedar DixitPersistent systems, PuneBE CSE15/7/2017Big data & Data analytics
23Mr. Ashutosh BhakreRedHat TrainerSE, TE8/7/2017RedHat Certification
24Mr.Rahul ChavanPSIBE ALL31-Mar-2018Cyber LAW
25Dr. Yogini KuberLife Coach, Leader In Me Activity CenterSE -TE CSE30-Mar-2018The Power of Positivity
26Miss.Prity Bakle, Mr.Siddhesh Bhalerao“Iot and Embeded system Developer,PuneSE CSE29-Mar-2018IOT
27Prof. Y. S. PagarAsst. Prof. P.E.S.C.O. ESE CSE28-Mar-2018Music as a hobby
28Prof. Bhushan KulkarniAsst. Prof. P.E.S.C.O. ESE CSE26-Mar-2018Discreet Mathematics
29Ms. Sneha NakadeSenior software designer, CBROZ Solutions , AurangabadTE CSE26-Mar-2018R Programming
30Mr.B.V.RathodREtd. Aditional DirectorBE CSE20-Mar-2018Business Oppotinuty
31Ms.Meenal M. ShingareAssistant Professor, MIT, AurangabadSE CSE17-Mar-2018Basics of Data Mining and Application
32Mr.Varad MayeeSenior Software EngineerTE CSE10-Mar-2018Working strategy in industry
33Mrs.Sheetal SodegaonkarPsychotherapist & Psychologist,PuneBE CSE8-Mar-2018Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
34Adv.Preeti DiggikarAsst.Pleader High court,AurangabadTE CSE8-Mar-2018Womens Law
35Mr. Ravindra B. PatilAssistant Professor, MIT, AurangabadSE CSE6-Mar-2018Inheritance in Object Oritented Programming
36Prof. Anjana GhuleAsst. Pfofessor, Dept. of IT, GECATE CSE10-Feb-2018Computer Networks
37Mr. Ashutosh BhakareUnnati Development & Training CentreTE CSE2-Feb-2018Development of project in open source
38Mr. Aneesh P. V.RHC learning & development Instructor, RedHat, PuneSE CSE1-Feb-2018Open Source & Docker Technology
39Mr.Amol AthwaleDirector,SEED Infotech,AurangabadBE CSE30-Jan-2018Introduction to Automation Testing
40Mr.Vinay KardileS/W Developer, WhiteSnow Ltd.TE CSE27-Jan-2018Career Opportunities in IT Industries
41Mr.Sagar GahadgeSoftware EngginerBE CSE25-Jan-2018(Angular JS, Node JS)
42Dr. Charansingh KayateAssistant professor, government institute of Forensic Science, AurangabadTE CSE25-Jan-2018Digital and Cyber forensic
43Mr. Apurv RohiwalDirector,Infotech,PuneTE II & TE III1-Jan-2018Brand Management
44Prof.B.S.SonawaneAssistant Professor, MIT, AurangabadTE CSE23-Jan-2018Concepts of Testing
45Sandip PatilFree LancerBE CSE12-Jan-2018Hadoop


Sr. No.Name of Resource PersonDesignation and OrganizationClassDate MM/DD/YYTopic
1Mr. Pavan LahotiLecturer, Government Polytechnic, AurangabadBE CSE4/4/2017WML Scripting
2Mr. B. D. BhumkarSenior Manager, J.K. Ansell, Waluj, A’BadSE, TE, BE CSE31/3/2017Global Warming
3Dr. Ganesh NatrajanCEO 5F, Global Talent Track, Skills Alpha, PuneSE, TE, BE CSE30/3/2017Skill Enhancement
4Ms. Radhika ZanwarMotivational Speaker, AurangabadBE CSE16/3/2017Motivation: Need of today
5Mr. Salil PulekarInternational Faculty, Art of LivingSE, TE, BE CSE16/3/2017Art of Living
6Mr. Jayant JoshiFCA DISA(ICA), CISASE, TE, BE CSE11/3/2017Elaborate various ISACA cources
7Mr. Ashwinkumar JujgarSr. QA Engineer & Consultant, Rotary International Pvt. Ltd.TE CSE4/3/2017Software Testing & Quality Assurance
8Mr. Sumit AgrawalFindability Sciences Pvt. Ltd.TE CSE25/2/2017Digital Trasformation & Emerging Technologies
9Mr. Vijay DeshmukhLecturer, IT Dept, Deogiri College, Aurangabad.SE CSE23/2/2017Principles of animation & Production Pipelining
10Mr. Sadeep PatilAurangabadBE CSE22/2/2017Hadoop Technologies
11Radhika ZanwarMotivational Speaker, AurangabadSE CSE22/2/2017Motivation: Need of today
12Mr. D.T. RathodAsst. Professor, P.E.S. College of Engineering Aurangabad.SE CSE18/2/2017Internet of Things
13Mr. S.A. KinariwalaAsst. Professor, CSE Dept, MIT, AurangabadSE CSE18/2/2017Relations & Functions in Descrete Mathemetics
14Mr. Saad SiddiquiAsst. Professor, Everest College of Engineering, A’BadSE CSE10/2/2017Skill Develoment
15Ms. Mitali MishraHead, Expert Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A’BadBE CSE3/2/2017Artificial Intelligence
16Ms. Julia WenzelTeam Lead, Expert Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A’BadBE CSE3/2/2017Machine Learning
17Mr. Sudhir KulkarniHead Sales, Edukinect, Balkum, ThaneTE CSE16/1/2017Microsoft Certification
18Mr. Amel MathaiRed Hat Instructor, Red Hat, BangloreSE CSE12/1/2017Importance of Red Hat and Opensource Career
19Dr. Pooja ChobeGynacologist, Chobe Maternity HospitalALL GIRLS15/10/2016Health Concern amongst adolescent girls
20Dr. B. N. PandeEmrts. Professor, Dr. B.A.M.UniversitySE, TE, BE CSE6/10/2016Environmental Sciences
21Mr. Abhshek LahareAsst. Consultant, TCS, PuneSE CSE1/10/2016Genral IT sector
22Mr. Tushar TotreTJT Music Studio, AurangabadSE CSE28/9/2016Sound Engineering: Technology & Career Opportunities
23Mr. K.S. JadhavAsst. Professor, DIEMS, AurangabadSE CSE28/9/2016Digital Electronics
24Mr. Kamalesh ChaudhariIntern, Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd.SE,TE CSE27/8/2016Awareness towards open Source Softwares.
25Mr. Pushpendra ChavanSr. Tech Support Engineer, Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd.SE,TE CSE27/8/2016Student Contribution in Fedora Community
26Prof. Yogita PagarAsst. Professor, P.E.S. College of Engineering Aurangabad.BE CSE20/8/2016Recent trends in Data Mining
27Mr. Ganesh GhalmePhD Scholar, IIS, BangloreTE CSE6/8/2016Introduction to Game Theory
28Prof. S. D. PingleAsst. Professor, P.E.S. College of Engineering Aurangabad.BE CSE5/8/2016Principle of Compiler Design
29Mr. Vasant ThakurConsultant, Red Hat, MumbaiTE, BE CSE5/8/2016Job Apportunities in RedHat
30Dr. Namrata MahenderAsst. Professor, Dept. of CS&IT, Dr. B.A.M.U.TE CSE3/8/2016Parallel Programming using OpenMP
31Mr. Amol AthawaleDirector, Seed Infotech, AurangabadBE CSE27/7/2016SWAC


Sr. No.Name of Resource PersonDesignation and OrganizationClassDate MM/DD/YYTopic
1Mr. Ashutosh BhakareTrainer, Red Hat, AurangabadME CSE30/4/2016Linux Operating System
2Mr. Yogesh DeshmukhDeveloper, MAN DIESEL, AurangabadBE CSE22/4/2016Current trends in IT amd job Opportunities
3Mr. Dinesh BhakkadUIIC Ltd. AurangabadTE CSE16/4/2016General Insurance
4Mr. Kashif KhanDTS Solutions,UAETE CSE15/4/2016Industrial Approch
5Ms. Supriya KinariwalaAsst. Professor, MIT, AurangabadBE CSE13/4/2016Neural Networks
6Ms. Yogita ChichaniGroup Leader, Ticket Utils India Pvt. LtdSE CSE4/9/2016Web Development Technology MVC
7Mr. Pushkar JoshiEngineer, Findability Science, MIDC, WalujSE CSE4/5/2016Career Opportunities
8Ms. Sadhana ShahiAsst. Professor, Govt. College of PharmacyTE CSE4/1/2016Things of Management
9Mr. Ghazi Mohammad ZafaruddinAsst. Professor, Millennium Institute of Management, AurangabadSE CSE31/3/2016Applications of OOP
10Mr. Sandip A. KaleAsst. Professor, Government Polytechnic, AurangabadTE CSE3/12/2016Syber Security & Software Testing
11Mr. Kishan WatniPace-EQ clinic, AurangabadBE CSE3/9/2016Emotional Intelligence
12Mr. Arif WadkeyIOS Developer, Noztec, AurangabadBE CSE3/9/2016Mobile Computing
13Mr. Shaikh BilalDirector, Noztec, AurangabadBE CSE3/9/2016Mobile Computing
14Mr. Rajesh DhalangeAndroid Developer, Noztec, AurangabadBE CSE3/9/2016Mobile Computing
15Ms. Chhaya BhalekarFaculty, Art of LivingSE, TE CSE3/8/2016Stress Management
16Mr. Amol BhosaleSr. Project Leader, ADP, PuneTE CSE3/5/2016Recent Trends in Computer
17Mr. Parag kumar JainSr. Team Leader, CISCO Systems, CanadaSE CSE3/5/2016Networking
18Mr. Virabattini L.R.Chief Manager, State Bank of India, AurangabadSE, TE, BE CSE3/3/2016Online Banking
19Mr. Arun EapenTechnical Delivery manager, Red HatBE CSE26/2/2016Carrier in Open Source
20Mr. Amit WaghmareTech Mahindra, PuneBE CSE26/2/2016Network Security Tools
21Mr. Abhay DeshpandeCEO,, BangloreSE, TE, BE CSE25/2/2016Startup Entrepreneur
22Mr. Mahesh Chandra PandaDeloitte, HydrabadBE CSE15/2/2016Business Analytics
23Mrs. Anjana GhuleAsst. Professor, Government Engineering College, AurangabadBE CSE13/2/2016Wireless Communication
24Mr. Ashutosh BhakareTrainer, Unnati Computers, AurangabadBE CSE2/12/2016Carriers in Red Hat
25Mr. A. MohanVaidic Mathematics, aurangabadBE CSE2/2/2016Vaidic Mathematics
26Mr. Pravin KadeEmiratesNBD, UAEBE CSE27/10/2015Carrier Opportunities in IT
27Mr. Swapnil SodegaonkarSoftware Developer, TCS, PuneBE CSE24/10/2015Carrier Opportunities in IT
28Mr. Sumit AgrawalFindability Science, MIDC, WalujBE CSE15/10/2015Big Data & Hadoop Technologies


Sr. No.Name of Resource PersonDesignation and OrganizationClassDate MM/DD/YYTopic
1Ms. Shubhangi SapkalAsst. Professor,Government Engineering College, AurangabadME CSE20/3/2015Biomettric Techniques
2Mr. Siddharth PrakashResearch Program Manager, Microsoft Research India, BangaloreSE, TE, BE CSE3/3/2015Understanding technology’s role in emerging markets
3Mr. Andrew CrossResearch Program Manager, Microsoft Research India, BangaloreSE, TE, BE CSE3/3/2015Understanding technology’s role in emerging markets
4Mr. Rohan ThuseEntrepreneur, RIPE IN, PuneTE CSE2/2/2015Developing Business Strategies
5Mr. Sandeep PathakIndia Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd, AurangabadBE CSE25/9/2014Project Review
6Mr. Satish KumarInstructor, Management & Research TrainingBE CSE22/8/2014IT Securities


Sr. No.Name of Resource PersonDesignation and OrganizationClassDate MM/DD/YYTopic
1Ms. Yogita NaharAmyotech Software Industry, AurangabadBE CSE12/3/2014IT industry Preperation
2Mr. Kaustubh BhadbhadeSr. Manager, Persistant Systems Ltd, PuneBE CSE18/1/2014Opportunities in Adversities
3Mr. Swapnil KulkarniSr. Software Engineer, OpenStack, Red Hat, PuneBE CSE24/7/2013Cloud Computing


UG Syllabus

DepartmentComputer ScienceMechanicalCivilElectronics

PG Syllabus

DepartmentComputer ScienceMechanicalCivilElectronics


Other Downloads

Academic Calender For 2018 -19 Sem-II


Faculty Youtube Channel Links

Sr.NoFaculty NameYoutube Channel Link
1Ms.Joshi P.A.
2Ms.Borase P. N.
3Ms.Dhas P. B.
4Ms.MundeM. R.
5Ms.JoshiA. A.
6Ms.Nandedkar S. C.
7Ms.Ponde S. S.
8Dr.Tribhuvan P. P.
9Mr.Mahadik P. B.
10Dr.Khan R. A.
11Mr.Durole P. H.

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