How to design and organise the structure of your dental clinic? (2023)

Do you want to know how to achieve a good organisation in the spaces that make up your dental clinic? Today we tell you in this article! The first impression of the patient on arriving at the clinic is fundamental: you must create a space that is attractive and that, at the same time, has the necessary functionality to carry out the work in the most optimal manner.

This is when important criteria come into play for a good design of your dental clinic such as:

  • Functionality
  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Accessibility
  • Privacy

To achieve a workspace that meets these requirements, it is essential to analyse the space of your dental clinic to get the maximum benefit from the floor and achieve a perfect adaptation of the plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, safety and plumbing and sanitation installations that comply with current regulations and legislation.

All the pieces must fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to create a adequate design of the dental clinic that optimises our space to the maximum. We must also consider the real current needs and those that may arise in the future, taking into account aspects such as the volume of patients, the work equipment needed, the number of equipment pieces and the technology we plan to apply.

Keys for a good organisation of the dental clinic

As you already know, most dental clinics usually comprise several well-differentiated environments, with a great distinction being made between the areas intended for patients and those reserved for technical work related to the dental area. In our opinion, here are some of the areas that should not be missing in your dental clinic.

Dental clinic reception area

The reception area of the dental clinic, being the first space accessed by the patient, is of great importance when it comes to generating a gratifying first impression. For this reason, it must be well organised and clean, as well as having a harmonious and simple decoration that offers a pleasant sensation and is always in keeping with the rest of the clinic's design.

It is important that the reception desk of the dental clinic is located near the entrance door in order to be able to welcome and dismiss patients in a suitable way and that it is located near the waiting room, in order to be able to control it.

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As for the furniture, it is advisable to use counters at double height, one at 1.15 cm from the floor and the other lower for the care of people with disabilities or children.

It is also important to maintain an adequate temperature and ventilation that offers a pleasant atmosphere and an optimal lighting system.

And finally, locate at the counter all the necessary equipment for call reception and appointment taking, patient information service, file management and the internal communication system with the other areas of the clinic.

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Dental Clinic Waiting Room

The waiting room in the dental clinic is another of the areas that we must take special care of so that patients feel comfortable. It must be located near the reception service and, at the same time, close to the consultation rooms.

As in the rest of the dental clinic, the decoration of the waiting room should follow a simple and personal line. In this sense, it is advisable to place pictures that induce relaxation and a plant or fish tank. It is also vital to have a clean and tidy space at all times, as well as a temperature and ventilation suitable for the maximum comfort of our patients.

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With regard to the furniture in the waiting room of the dental clinic, we recommend the use of comfortable seating for patients. In addition, there should be a central table with magazines, brochures or newspapers with common access to make the waiting time more pleasant.

Treatment area in the dental clinic

This is the dental work area where consultations are carried out and where the dental teams are located. Depending on the space in your clinic, you can structure the consultation rooms in one way or another.

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If you have enough space, you can have closed units, in which the patient's privacy is absolute but which require a greater investment as we have to multiply all our equipment by the number of rooms available in the clinic.

A simple solution to avoid excessive investment and adapt it to a more limited space, is the implantation of open or semi-open cabinets, with common dispensary areas and furniture, with the consequent advantage of sharing equipment and the disadvantage that the patient does not enjoy any privacy.

In this area, as in all areas, it will be necessary to maintain an appropriate temperature and air conditioning. However, we must bear in mind that in these rooms, due to various conditions of asepsis, reproduction of organisms or infectious agents and maintenance of equipment or sanitary material, it is necessary to have a ventilation system that complements the air conditioning to guarantee the necessary air renewal in our consulting rooms.

With regard to lighting, it is important to use cold or neutral tones and try to use dental units equipped with artificial lighting systems that allow correct visibility, avoiding glare and shadows.

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Sterilisation area in the dental clinic

The sterilisation room in the dental clinic has a great relevance within the clinic. It does not necessarily have to be large, as long as it contains all the necessary elements for a correct sterilisation process and storage of instruments. However, it is advisable, as far as possible, to place this area in aplace close to the consultation area, in order to facilitate the cleaning process, collection and storage of all the material used during our dental procedures.

It is important to follow specific guidelines in the sterilisation area of your dental practice to ensure safety and a good image for your patients. In this area you should have one or two basins of running water for washing instruments and use a safe storage method with a clear identification that allows you to locate all our materials.

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As a general rule, it is in this room where ultrasound equipment, autoclaves and other dental instrument trays used on a daily basis and which must be stored after their correct sterilisation are deposited. Finally, it is advisable to carry out a correct signage on the access doors to allow patients to easily identify the room and to offer them an unbeatable image of safety and cleanliness.

Toilet and washroom area in the dental clinic

When it comes to the toilets and washrooms in the dental clinic, the ideal would be to have some services for the clinic staff and others for the patients. This will obviously depend on the space available in the clinic and the volume of patients you expect to see. In any case, when these toilets are intended for patients, they should be located in thetransit areas and be properly signposted. Those intended for healthcare personnel, however, should be located in restricted areas.

Toilets should be located at a height of 80 centimetres from the floor and should preferably be suspended to facilitate access for disabled patients or children. We also recommend that the taps should be electrically activated, i.e. they are activated automatically when you bring your hands close to them, minimising the appearance of microorganisms and avoiding excessive water consumption.

With regard to the floors, we recommend using non-slip materials that are easy to clean. The walls should ideally be tiled up to the ceiling, in order to contribute to their cleanliness and provide a cleaner image. Finally, we recommend dividing the washbasin area and the toilet area by means of a door with a lock to ensure privacy and independence for patients.

Dental clinic office and administration area

The dentist's office in the dental practice is also relevant to the design of the dental practice. In this room the professional will take the opportunity to rest and attend to conversations with their patients. To this end, they should have a table and several chairs to receive their visitors, as well as enough space to allow access for disabled people.

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The room shall have lighting to allow reading and writing and an air-conditioning system to maintain a comfortable temperature. The decoration, for its part, should follow the line of the rest of the clinic, but with a more intimate touch that offers comfort to the professional and greater security to their patients. Finally, it is essential that there is a system of internal communication, which allows contact with the rest of the clinic's departments.

Staff area, laboratory area and X-ray area in the dental clinic

It is advisable to have, whenever space permits, an area exclusively for the staff of the clinic. A place, located in a restricted area, where workers can change and store their personal belongings.

This room can also be used to set up a laundry area to store work clothes and avoid any type of contamination. It is essential, in this case, to maintain a temperature below 24 degrees to prevent bacterial growth in the laundry waiting to be washed.

The dental clinic laboratory should be located in a restricted area for the exclusive use of healthcare personnel and as close as possible to the consulting rooms. This room shall have the equipment necessary to carry out the activities and shall comply with all appropriate safety and isolation standards.

The X-ray room in the dental clinic must be located close to the consultation area and must have the minimum safety measures required by current regulations. One of the fundamental aspects in these rooms is to have the correct signage on the access doors with the international symbol of ionising radiation and the inscription "X-Ray".

That's all for today! We would like to know how you have designed your dental clinic, what secrets you use to get the most out of the space or what tips you can share with us to promote comfort and functionality in dental clinics.

We encourage you to share this article on social networks, on your website or blog and help spread the word... And if you have any questions... We will be happy to help!

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