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Phone +65 6736 0519
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Physio & Sole Clinic (Orchard) reviews


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12 April 2022 11:52

Went for two appointments with podiatrist Siew Keong as I was struggling with my ankles and he helped me in just 1 session! He was very patient, made the entire experience very pleasant, and gave recommendations that were suitable and not pushy at all. Second review session was fast, effective, as I already recovered by then!

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06 April 2022 5:23

Consulted with SK, who is very attentive and knowledgable.
With his expertise, my mom is on her road to recovery. She is able to walk much better now and with less pain!

SK also called to check in on her 1 week after treatment.

Overall, we are very thankful to team at Physio & Sole. Thank you!

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12 March 2022 23:56

I was recommended to see a podiatrist regarding my right ankle and I am really happy I did. Would like to thank SK (Tanglin branch) for helping me identify the issue and also ordering the insoles for better support for my ankle.

It was a good experience overall at Physio and Sole Clinic and I would like to thank the staff at the reception as well for the smooth process.

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02 March 2022 9:43

My podiatrist is SK. He is patient during consultation. His input is valuable in ensuring that my condition has improve tremendously. Currently on an annual review. Thank you SK.

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17 December 2021 22:20

Doctor was very patient and knowledgeable in his field and reassured me that it would be healed fast and it did! What a pleasant experience!

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31 October 2021 22:18

Was referred to this clinic by a friend who was also a podiatry doctor but had moved overseas. Appointments were made via whatsapp and they were quick to respond and confirm appointments even on a weekend evening. It was really appreciated as my diabetic mother had an infected and painful toe which was worrying. The staff at the clinic were very attentive and friendly. Dr Kelvin was very professional and diagnosed my mother's condition accurately and well. He cleaned up the fungal infection and was very patient with my mother. He had informed us it may take 6 months for the fungal infection to be treated but by the second visit, he informed us that my mother was well and need not come again. There was even a written PDF report given after the consultation via whatsapp. Glad we were able to get my mom's condition treated here.


04 March 2021 5:56

Dr Kelvin was very patient and gentle. He treated my ingrown toenails, the process is not painful at all (that I can almost fall asleep). He is very experienced, shared much expertise info about ingrown and bunions as well as answer tonnes of my questions. The fee is very reasonable, clean environment, attentive customer service, and not to mention the after-treatment follow up. It’s been 3 weeks now and my ingrown seem not coming back yet (better don’t come back). Highly recommended.

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08 February 2021 23:20

Agreed with my sister to bring my mom for her podiatrist appointment at Tanglin Shopping Ctr.
I was told the podiatrist at this clinic is very good and my mom did not have to tolerate so much pain. He knows how to keep my mom calm throughout the treatment of her 2 nails. He also gives very specific instructions on post care as well as assure my sister to keep him posted if further help is required when at home.

I may come back again since 1 of my daughter has in-grown nail the next time.

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05 November 2020 22:46

Had a great experience with Physio & Sole Clinic! Dr Kelvin was very friendly and patient when treating a wart on my foot. The problem was solved within a few sessions and I like that they are very transparent with their pricing.

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12 September 2020 20:03

I had my warts treated by Dr Kelvin Tay. He was very patient and provided valuable information on the care for warts. My warts were resolved in a couple of weeks! Thank you!

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02 September 2020 21:37

I had an incredibly positive visit with Dr. Kelvin Tay. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and competent. His prices were reasonable, but best of all, he did a superb job on my ingrown toenail, something that has been plaguing me for years.

He also gave me some extremely helpful and balanced information on my flat feet. You can tell that he really cares about the patient, and is not just trying to sell solutions. In my case he recommended not pursuing special treatment for my flat feet, as it's not required.

The support staff was friendly and helpful.

I have only the highest recommendation for Dr. Tay and his team.

I just wish I had gone sooner!

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15 December 2018 0:13

Totally tricked by these "5 star reviews"! Very disappointing. I researched for a long time and only came to them because of 2 things:
1. Attractive pricing
2. The glowing reviews on the internet.

Sadly, my conclusion based on my experience is that the reviews must all be fake. Especially those short few liner reviews, i bet people just typed something up at the counter to get the $10 off. I am taken aback to see that they are actually buying reviews for $10. The photo below is their sign on their counter. I feel that anyone who go to them because of these reviews will feel cheated. The irony is that they portray themselves as "ethical" but this is downright unethical.

I actually decided to come here because they are cheaper than the other clinics, but I guess you get what you pay for. As for my foot problem, i really do not think the therapist who saw me understood my condition or knew how to cure me. They just ask me to buy insoles and asked me to see another of their physiotherapist for exercise and sports massage.

Felt it was a huge waste of time and money to have come all the way here and go home with no proper solution and this is all made worse when i found out that i was tricked to come here with fake purchased reviews.

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08 June 2018 5:41

I went down for quite a few visits to The Sole Clinic through a friend recommendation for my lower back pain. I was seen by Guojie on that day and I can say he is a friendly and patient guy who is willing to listen to my present issues as well as the concerns I have. He treated me as a friend/buddy and not a patient and it makes the environment much more pleasing. Also, he gave me some take home information sheets and advise me on the things to take note so as not to strain my back further.

As far as I can see, he exhibit interest in my condition throughout the physiotherapy sessions and I always leave the clinic feeling relaxed and energized each time, good job Guojie and thank you!

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