Problems with split king adjustable beds, our in-depth investigation (2023)

You should consider a split king adjustable bed if you are a couple with different sleeping preferences (also check the top rated sturdy bed frames for active couple). This adjustable bed enables you to sleep conveniently without compromising on comfort. And this is especially the case with those funny sleeping styles or too much tossing or turning.

These adjustable beds might be extremely useful but also have a few issues. In this article, we will have a look at these issues in detail, so carry on reading till the end!

Possible Complications with Split King Size Beds

Less Space for Moving & Positioning

When you use these split adjustable bases, you will always have less space for moving and positioning. Of course, you no longer have the entire bed to move around conveniently. One half is yours, and the other half belongs to your partner. So, you are at a disadvantage right away.

Problems with split king adjustable beds, our in-depth investigation (1)

You can’t move around the entire mattress freely unless no one is sleeping with you on the mattress. You will have to be somewhat precise in your position because you don’t have much space to spread your legs and arms (also check 10 amazing mattresses for adjustable bed).

No Space for Children

Of course, with the adjustable base, you won’t have any space in your bed for your children (also check 10 great mattresses for kids). Usually, children mostly sleep in the middle of their parents. So, if you don’t have a separate bed for your kids or your kids prefer to sleep with you, you won’t be able to do that using a split king adjustable bed.

Expensive & Rare Bedding Accessories

Split king adjustable beds are unique sleep surfaces. As these surfaces are not very common to find, so are any related bedding accessories.

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Of course, you must go for sheets that work well with these adjustable beds. And obviously, their size should be split king, which is not available from all brands.

Therefore, finding the best place for these bedding accessories that work well with your adjustable bed can be pretty challenging as there are no outlets that stock them. Moreover, getting them home can be overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with using these beds.

Keeping Bed in Place

When using it on your adjustable base, you must be 100% sure your mattress stays in place. It will be more effective if you can keep your mattress in place.

Otherwise, you will spend more time adjusting the mattress than sleeping on it and enjoying some relaxing time. It can be frustrating, and you should ensure you don’t end up going for an adjustable base that doesn’t allow you to deal with this problem.

Need Adjustment

You might have to deal with various adjustments, especially if you use such an adjustable base for the first time. You will have to sleep on this base for a couple of nights to ensure you and your partner are fully comfortable sleeping on it (also check 10 amazing mattresses on the market).

And for this, you will have to go through a few tests and trials. In other words, you might spend pretty uncomfortable nights a few times while making those adjustments and trying out different styles.

Go for Special Sheets

You might not know this, but regular bed sheets won’t work with these adjustable beds (check the top-quality bed sheets for adjustable beds). These beds need special mattress sheets as they won’t come off from your mattress as you move on your mattress. You have to keep in mind that these beds feature separate mattresses that you don’t find on regular beds.

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Therefore, you will have to give sheets made for twin XL beds. But finding the best sheets is not always easy because they are not always available in all stores.

Problems with split king adjustable beds, our in-depth investigation (2)

Loud Mechanisms

Okay, so these adjustable beds are, well, adjustable. Unfortunately, it means they feature different moving parts. And with movement comes noise, too, especially once the base gets older. This can be a big problem, especially if you buy such a base for the first time.

With the adjustable design, if the mattress tends to move and makes a sound, it can influence your sleep patterns. You might erupt in your sleep each time your partner makes any adjustments (check the best selling mattresses for couples).

If your partner prefers to sleep in different positions, movements and adjustments in the sleep surface will also occur. It will create plenty of noise. And the worst part is you will need time to get used to it.

Frame Complications

You have to keep in mind that these adjustable bed frames have complicated design and construction. They come with efficient headboards, and easy to customize the bed frame according to your needs.

But finding the right headboards that are suitable for your split king size beds can be pretty tricky and of course, fixing them is not simple either.

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So again, availability becomes an issue. As these designs are not readily available, you will have to pay more for them, even for their repair and maintenance.

Fixing These Issues with Adjustable Beds

The problems that we have listed above can be pretty annoying and frustrating to deal with. But you should not be deterred from buying an adjustable bed.

Therefore, you must go for a solution to tackle these problems. Here are a few ways to solve these issues and comfortably use your adjustable beds.

  • You can use bungee cords to attach the mattress and resolve your problem of sliding or moving the mattress. You can even connect the cords to prevent sliding from occurring.
  • The sheet problem might be an issue that has no workaround. However, you can go for sheets that fit well. These sheets must come with elastic pockets and sides so they can comfortably grip your mattress and don’t move around much.
  • Make sure to go for a reliable retailer. When buying these adjustable beds, you won’t have to deal with any availability issues when buying the right adjustable bed or its accessories.
  • You can also go for a custom headboard and avoid any complications associated with repair or adjustment issues. This will be more cost-effective if you have some DIY experience. But with the headboard, you can get the most out of your adjustable bed in the long run.

How Can You Keep Those Split King Mattresses Together?

Mattress sliding is these adjustable bases’ biggest and most annoying issue. And when they slide, a gap appears.

Here are a few ways to tackle this issue:

  • You can use those bed connecting brackets or bungee cords to keep your mattresses in the same position.
  • You can also look to tie your mattresses with a ratchet as it will keep your mattresses together firmly.
  • Use clearance mattress pads that restrict the movement of mattresses in the middle.
  • Placing a rug gripper underneath your mattress will also prevent the mattresses from sliding.


Split king adjustable beds do come with numerous advantages (also check 10 best selling split king mattresses). But they can have a few issues, especially if you haven’t used them.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for these adjustable beds. You should look to solve the problems and enjoy the benefits they offer, especially if you compare them with the regular beds.

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Split king adjustable beds & problems FAQs

How to separate an adjustable bed?

A split king mattress is ideal for folks who like adjustable bed frames. Many adjustable bed frames in king size come with an option to separate or split. It means both sides of the bed can easily move independently. However, you must follow basic instructions to separate a Split King adjustable bed.

Are two twins XLs the same as a split king?

A Split King is similar to the two Twin Xl beds. You can place two Twin XL mattresses and another in a single frame to make it a Split King size mattress. These beds are ideal for couples who have different sleeping needs. Additionally, combining two Twin XL size mattresses is very easy.

Do people like split king adjustable beds?

There is a group of few people who like Split King adjustable beds. Others face many problems with this. Many sleepers feel a gap in the middle of the beds. It requires additional space, complicated assembly, and an additional expense.

Is a split king bed a good idea?

A Split King bed is not a very common kind of bed configuration. However, this can be a good option if you share your bed with someone because couples like to sleep in different sleeping positions or preferences. So, a Split King gives you customized comfort.


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