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THE BLANKENSHIPCENTERspecializes in theevaluation ofjob-related injuries, the assessment ofpersonal Injuries and the analysis of high-riskindustrial jobs.

Keith L.

Blankenship, P.T., CBFE, CEAS
Director of Clinical Operations


KeithBlankenship was born in Cincinnati, OH,he attended WellstonHighSchool,Wellston, OH,heattended Marshall University,Huntington, WV, heearnedhis B.S. in Physical Therapy from Virginia Commonwealth University,Richmond, VA, hewasa Lieutenant and Physical Therapist in the U.S Public Health Service in New York City, he became the Director of Physical Therapyat The Kings' Daughters Hospital,Ashland, KY in 1981 and hewas aClinical Instructor for theUniversity of Kentucky from 1976-1983 and forWest Virginia University from 1979-1983.HeCo-Authored the American Back School,apopularBack Injury Prevention program that was cited bythe Wall Street Journal for its injury and cost savings for the CSX Corporation.Keiththenbecame the Director of one of the nation's first Work Hardening and Functional Capacity Evaluation Centers, The American Back to Work Centerin Macon, GA in 1983, and it was there that he began developing his unique style of evaluating industrial injuries. And it was from this innovative work that he began what would become one of the world's most popular seminar series on Work Hardening Programs and Functional Capacity Evaluations, whichhe sponsored and taught to over16,000 health care professionals from 1984-2014.

Lisa Blankenship was born in Macon, GA, she attendedTennessee TempleUniversity

and Macon State College majoring in Psychology and Business. Lisa began her Workers' Compensationcareer in 1983 at The American Back to Work Center, Macon, GA, and

it was here that she began learning the nuances of the Job-Related Injuries and Workers' Compensation Claims. Lisawent on to earn her Certified Workers' Compensation Professional (CWCP)qualifications,she was in the first group of professionals to become certified as aMedical Provider Workers' Compensation Professional (MPWCP), and she alsoearned her license as aGeorgia Workers' Compensation Insurance Adjuster.

Keith has compiled an impressive list of firsts in the Industrial Rehabilitation field, includingthe first Physical Therapist to sponsorand teach on Industrial RehabilitationPrograms inLive Seminars around the world,the first to present a Full Day Symposium on Industrial Rehabilitation at the 1986 APTA Conference, the first to present a One Day Symposium on Industrial Rehabilitation to the American Back Society in 1987, the first to teach liveFCE Seminars entirely onNotebook Computers, the first to produce an FCE Home Study Programso professionals couldbecome CertifiedFCE Evaluators without having to leave their practices to take a lengthy seminar, the first todevelopand teach Physical Therapists, Physicians, Chiropractors and Occupational Therapistshow to objectively evaluateFunctional Deficits with Computerized Equipment and Software and the firstto teach those sameprofessionalshow to identify, evaluate, documentand report onConscious Malingering in Workers' Compensation whenmost professionals didn't believe that malingering even existed.

Keith authored,produced and marketed12 Software Programs and heinvented a wide array of Industrial Rehabilitation Equipment includingaComputerizedHand-Held Dynametric Muscle Testing System, MYOTEST, and hewas awarded a

patent forthe world's only Untethered, Real-World,Computerized Isoinertial Lifting System, AcuLift, which was able to identify thethree main components of Lifting, Pain, Effort and Biomechanical and Muscular Overload. Keithsponsored

and taughtpost-graduateseminarson a variety of Industrial Rehabilitation topics, including FCE's, Work Hardening,

Back School, Pre-Placement Screening, Malingering in Low Back Pain, Upper Extremity Repetitive Stress Disorders,

the AMA Impairment Rating Evaluation process and Industrial Ergonomics. Keithalso innovated a cutting-edge FCEcalled

the BLANKENSHIPWorkEvalTMandhecontinues to be a leader in the field ofFCE's and Impairment Rating Evaluations.

Lisa S. Blankenship, CWCP, MPWCP
Director of Business Operations



The Home Page

The Blankenship Center is an Independent Evaluation Center that is Not Affiliated with Any Physician Group, Insurance Company, Medical Facility,
Physical Therapy Practice, Rehabilitation Company, FCE Company, Medical Case Management Company, Attorney Group or Investment Company.
The Blankenship Center is Not Affiliated with any FCE Companies, such as, Key Functional Assessment, Matheson, WorkWell, ErgoScience, Quest

Medical Group or JTECH Medical. The Blankenship WorkEvalTM was Developed by Keith Blankenship and is Owned Exclusively by FCE/PPD Center, Inc.


The Standard Total Body FCE

The Job-Specific FCE

The Full-Day FCE and The Two-Day FCE

The Job-Site FCE

The Upper Extremity FCE

The Video FCE

The Standard Total Body FCE was the original FCE developed by Mr. Blankenship in 1983. It

is anevaluation of an injured worker's ability to work overa wide range of physical activities, including, Sitting, Standing, Walking, Reaching Forward, Reaching Overhead, Arm and Leg

Control Ability,Hand Testing for Strength and Fine and Gross Motor Ability, Bending, Kneeling, Squatting,Crawling, Stair Climbing, Vertical Ladder Climbing, Balancing, Floor Lifting, Shoulder Lifting, Overhead Lifting, Two Arm Carrying, One Arm Carrying, Dynamic Pushing and Pulling and Static Strength ability.The Standard Total Body FCEusually lasts up to 2 hours.

The Job-SpecificFCE is a targetedFCE whose primary purpose is to determine whether or not the injured worker is physically capable of performing the Critical Demandsof their original job. The specific Job Weights and Forces are provided by a Job Description, by the Employer,

by the Workeror actually measured by Mr. Blankenship, and then

Job-Specific tests are conductedto see if the injured worker can

exert the job forces and handlethe weights that the job requires.

The Job-SiteFCE is the best way to determine what aninjured worker can do following

a job-related injury. The Job-SiteFCE is so named because this FCE is actually performed atJob-Site. And since the FCE is performed at the Job-Site, theworker can work with the actual materialsthey work with every day, so there's no guess-work aboutthe material handling weights and forces or thepostures in which the worker is working.And the worker

is tested where their friends and co-workers are working and thisreal-world-environment appears toencourage the injured worker to feel more comfortable while being evaluated.

TheUpper ExtremityFCE specializes in determining whether

or not a worker can return to jobs where Repetitive Upper Extremity work is performed throughout the day.Most of the time these types of jobs do not require the worker to Lift or Carry heavy weights, but they reqiuire continuous and often

very high frequency Hand and Arm work,and this isbest evaluated byThe Upper ExtremityFCE.

TheVideoFCE was designed to provide more objective test results to determine whether or not the injured worker is cooperating with the FCE process to demonstrate their actual ability to work. The entire FCE is recorded by video and then a Short Video Program is produced that providesPhysicians,Employers, Attorneys, Nurse Case Managers and Administrative Law Judgescompelling evidence of whether or not the injured worker is cooperating with the FCE process.

TheFull-Day and Two-DayFCE's weredesigned to expose the injured worker to longer durations of testing and work-simulations to make sure that they are really capable of returning to a full day of work. This FCE is not requested oftenbecause it is more costly for the Insurer and Employer, but for the right situation, it is a great way tomake sure the injured worker can endure the constant stresses of full-time work.

Weprovide Physicians, Employers, Case Managers, Insurers andAttorneys with objective information regardingan injured worker's ability to work usingan evaluation calleda Functional Capacity Evaluation, or an FCE. Our unique FCE

is calledthe WORKEVALTM and it helps Physicians, Case Managers and Employers determinewhat work limitations are appropriate for the injuredworker.

We also provide Physicians with theobjective data they needtodetermine theinjured worker's Permanent and Partial Disability, or PPD. Thename for

this evaluation, whichwasdeveloped andpublished by the American Medical Association, is a PermanentImpairmentEvaluation. This evaluation process determines the percent of Permanent,Partial Impairment and that percentage

is used to help Patients,Employers, Insurers and Attorneys negotiate the settlement of theWorkers' Compensation Case.

Lisa developed the Business Operations forThe American Back to Work Centerand

she isnow the COO, CFO and Director of Business Operations of the The Blankenship FCE/PPD Center. Lisa can be contacted for scheduling patients for FCE's and Impairment Rating Evaluations orfor any questions regarding a patientby Phone at478-475-9393,

by Fax at478-475-9353,or by E-Mail atblankenshipfce@bellsouth



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