What Is IGNOU M.Sc in Psychology From Distance? - Guide 2022 (2023)

M.Sc Psychology is a 2-year postgraduate course that imparts knowledge of mental and emotional disorders. It is a professional degree course that makes students do their own research and develop their own theories. In this blog, you will find all the information related to the IGNOU M.Sc Psychology.

What Is Ignou M.SC Psychology/ Master of Science in Psychology?

IGNOU offers a Master of Science in Psychology as one of its postgraduate degree programmes. This course is developed specifically for students who are interested in psychology and wish to pursue a career in the field. IGNOU's MSc Psychology programme lasts two years and is broken into four semesters. This postgraduate programme focuses on providing advanced knowledge in a variety of MSc Psychology disciplines and branches of psychology. This course is ideal for students who wish to have a better understanding of how the human brain works.

The University Grants Commission and the AICTE have authorised MSc Psychology at Indira Gandhi National Open University. The institution was created in 1985, and since then, it has provided quality education to seekers from all walks of life through online and remote education. It is also a member of the AIU and has received an A++ rating from NAAC. During this course, you will learn psychology ideas that can be applied in everyday life. It allows you to work in a variety of important private and government-owned industries. Also Find: Executive MBA Programs 2022.

IGNOU MSc in Psychology Course Details

University Name Indira Gandhi National Open University
Course Level Post-Graduation
Full-Form Masters of Science in Psychology
Duration 2 Years
Examination Type Semester-Based
Eligibility Graduates from a recognised University/Institution with at least fifty per cent marks in aggregate.
Admission Process Direct Admission
Course Fee Rs. 12,600
Average Salary INR 6-10 LPA

How to Get Admission in MSc Psychology at Ignou 2022?

IGNOU has basic steps to follow for admission to the MSc Psychology. These steps are mentioned below for your reference:-

  • Visit the official IGNOU website.
  • Choose the 'Register online and then 'Fresh Admission' in the drop-down menu to register as a new user.
  • Finish as well as possible the application form (contact details, prior qualifications, etc.)
  • To verify, upload all your documents to the website.
  • Finally, pay the programme academic fee with any of the digital methods of payment on the portal.
  • The candidate will receive a confirmation email that takes about 2 months after the verification procedure.

Is Ignou M.SC Psychology Good?

The IGNOU MSc in Psychology has a number of advantages over a traditional Master's degree. Other advantages of doing an MSc in Psychology through IGNOU are listed below to dispel any reservations you may have: -

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Learn at your own pace: IGNOU M.Sc Psychology has flexible timing and students can adjust their learning as per their speed and time. The advantage of distance learning is that you are not forced to attend classes and you get recorded lectures and books for the purpose of self-study.

Affordable Fees: IGNOU M.Sc Psychology has a very low programme fee when compared to other colleges. The costs of distance learning courses are much cheaper than those of traditional learning.

Dynamic Curriculum: The MSc Psychology programme offered by IGNOU is updated and incorporates dynamic topics in order to reflect changes in industry trends. As a result, the IGNOU M.Sc Psychology programme is a wonderful alternative for students who want to study from industry professionals. Students gain a better knowledge of how advanced psychology is used in practice.

Experience along with Learning: If you are accepted into IGNOU's M.Sc Psychology programme, you will have the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge. As a result, you'll have the necessary abilities and experience to advance in your job. Also Read: IGNOU M.Sc Syllabus Guide 2022.

What is the Fee Structure of Ignou M.SC Psychology 2022?

After your admission to the programme is confirmed and you take admission to the programme, you have to pay a certain amount of fees in the first semester. The total academic fees of IGNOU M.Sc Psychology is Rs. 12,600. The programme fee will be paid at the time of registration at the beginning of each semester, either by way of a Demand Draft drawn in favour of IGNOU, New Delhi or online.

What is the Eligibility for MSc in IGNOU?

Every university has its own eligibility criteria to check the eligibility of students before giving them admissions. To get enrolled at IGNOU for the distance MSc Psychology program, a student must meet the following requirements:-

- Students must pass all of their Bachelor's exams in all disciplines in order to be eligible for admission into the distance M.Sc program.- To be eligible for this training course, students must have a minimum grade point average of 55 per cent and a diploma from a recognised university.

What Is The Course Duration for IGNOU M.SC Psychology?

The IGNOU MSc Psychology is a two year PG course that has been divided into 4 semesters. The maximum time period to complete this course is four years so that, if a distance learner is stuck in any situation and cannot give examinations of any semester, he or she will be able to cope next year.

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What are the Subjects/Syllabus in MSc in Psychology IGNOU 2022?

The M.Sc in Psychology course offered by IGNOU is designed to teach advanced principles of psychology. Seminars, lectures, workshops, and practical lab work are all part of the MSc Psychology Syllabus. The following are the common MSc Psychology subjects for which you must obtain the IGNOU common prospectus:-

Cognitive PsychologyCognitive Psychology II
Statistics in Behavioural ScienceExperimental Designs Theory
Research methods in PsychologyPsychometrics Theory
NeuroPsychologyNeuro Psychology Theory
Psychology of Social Behaviour TheoryDynamics and Interpersonal Behaviour Theory
Applications of PsychologyApplications of Psychology II
Personality TheorySelf and Positive Psychology
Systems and SkillsSystems and Skills Intervention

How can I Download Ignou M.SC Psychology Prospectus in 2022?

Prospectus from IGNOU M.Sc can be found on the official website of IGNOU. To download the MSc in the Psychology prospectus, please visit the official IGNOU Website. Students can download the prospectus by choosing the option “Student Support” and then click on the option of a prospectus.

You can download the MSC prospectus by clicking on the link of Common Prospectus 2022 to obtain detailed information on all the subjects if you cannot find the prospectus of the MSc in Psychology subject.

This brochure is developed by the university and will contain all pertinent information regarding the offered courses, fee structure, eligibility criteria, and other pertinent information. Students will have access to all information about the institution, including accomplishments, distinguishing traits, complete information on university programmes, eligibility requirements, and IGNOU online training programmes.

How can I Download IGNOU M.Sc Psychology Study Material in 2022?

The IGNOU MSc is sent to the individuals at their addresses, containing lecture books and some supporting materials by the university. The IGNOU and e-Gyan Kosh websites also allow you to download these books online. To do so, simply download the app, log into it and download the book that you want to study using the IGNOU login credentials.

To assist individual students, the University provides printed study material and publications for the IGNOU M.Sc Psychology programme. These books were created by a group of professionals to provide candidates with comprehensive information. The cost of the classes includes the cost of the books.

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IGNOU also offers an online study material edition for those who do not want to use the paper version. Students enrolled in the course will have access to relevant books via the internet. Students can download and access these books at any time using the IGNOU application site.

What are the Top Distance M.Sc Colleges in India for IGNOU Alternative?

There are many alternative colleges of IGNOU in India that are offering distance MSc Psychology course to the students. Here is the list of the top colleges offering distance MSc at their premises:-

  1. Jain University
  2. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
  3. Sikkim Manipal University
  4. Kuvempu University
  5. Karnataka State Open University
  6. Annamalai University
  7. Punjab Technical University
  8. BITS Pilani
  9. University of Mumbai

Can I Get Scholarship In Ignou for MSc Programs?

Yes, IGNOU offers scholarships to students pursuing MSc from IGNOU. These scholarships are:-

1. Scholarship scheme under ‘Trust Fund’

  • This scheme provides 1000 bonds (rs. 50,000/-/year) to qualified students with disabled qualifications in professional and engineering courses at degree and post-graduate levels from certified Indian institutions.
  • Thirty per cent of the bonds are devoted to girls.
  • Annual income from all sources shall not exceed Rs 3 lakh by the recipient/parent or guardian.
  • At any point in the academic year, eligible students may apply for scholarships under this initiative. Bonds are offered on a quarterly basis for applications received in the last quarter.

2. Scholarship scheme under National Fund

  • Under this system, the qualification of disabled students for further qualifications shall be granted 500 scholarships (to the value of Rs 12000 / - annually.
  • 50% of these bursaries are reserved for girls.
  • Annual income from all sources of the beneficiary/parent or guardian cannot exceed Rs. 1.80 lakh.

Moreover, with respect to the type of disability, there are further categorizations. You can check them in the prospectus of IGNOU.

Is There Any Difference Between IGNOU M.Sc and IGNOU Distance M.Sc?

No, the MSc Psychology and the Distance MSc Psychology are not the same things. Because of the popularity of the Indira Gandhi National Open University, the distance MSc Psychology degree offered by IGNOU has been renamed IGNOU MSc Psychology. Students are not required to attend the IGNOU MSc course on a regular basis and may study at their own pace. IGNOU offers a remote learning MSc programme, therefore these names are interchangeable.

What is the Scope after Completing IGNOU M.SC Psychology?

M.Sc Psychology is a career-oriented program and this course prepares students for valuable posts that are recognized immensely. Professionals in this field can earn more than 7LPA. Some of the major job profiles for which you can apply are:-

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  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Clinical Instructor
  • Clinical research
  • Counselling
  • Teaching
  • Psychotherapist
  • Practitioner
  • Art Therapist
  • Clinical Social worker
  • Psychiatrist Nurse


This blog contains all the detailed information about IGNOU MSc in Psychology. At last, I just want to mention that IGNOU is a recognized university and approved by the University Grants Commission and Distance Education Bureau for offering various courses through online and distance modes of learning. Hence, the degree of MSc in Psychology also holds an extreme value in the industry.


⭐ Is Ignou MSc Psychology AICTE Approved?

Yes, IGNOU MSc Psychology is approved by AICTE. Besides MSc, all the courses offered by IGNOU are approved by AICTE.

⭐ When To Apply For Ignou MSc Psychology?

IGNOU MSc admission will be taken twice a year in the month of January and June. You can take admission either in January or in June. Admissions to the IGNOU MSc Psychology programme are made solely on the basis of merit.

⭐ How To Apply Ignou MSc Psychology?

You can apply for admission to the Distance and Online MSc Psychology program by visiting the university's official website. For application, you need to fillup the online form and upload a copy of your documents.

⭐ Is Ignou MSc Psychology Valid For Government Jobs?

Yes, IGNOU MSc Psychology valid for government jobs as after completing the course you will get the chance to apply in the private as well as government sectors.

⭐ Is IGNOU MSc Psychology Recognised Worldwide?

IGNOU is a recognized university and students will get degrees that will be valid and recognized worldwide.

⭐ Is IGNOU MSc Psychology Degree Valid?

Yes, IGNOU has been recognized by UGC-DEB and AICTE and all its degrees including MA Hindi pursued from IGNOU are extremely valid.


Which college is best for MSc Psychology distance education in India? ›

Top Colleges for MSc Psychology Distance Education are IGNOU, IMTS Institute, Annamalai University, Jain University, Madras University, Karnataka State Open University etc. The average fees range between INR 10,000 to INR 23,000.

What is Psychology IGNOU? ›

The M.A. (Psychology) degree programme is being offered by the School of Social Sciences of IGNOU. Psychology is the field of study that deals with human and animal behaviour.

What is IGNOU open distance learning? ›

Open Learning is an online method of study in which student has no need to visit any center for a new application and to complete their study.

Is IGNOU good for Psychology? ›

IGNOU is a great option for pursuing BA in Psychology. The course curriculum is well-designed. It covers almost every aspect of Psychology. IGNOU study materials are excellent.

Is MSc psychology from IGNOU valid? ›

Yes, IGNOU MSc Psychology is approved by AICTE. Besides MSc, all the courses offered by IGNOU are approved by AICTE.

Can I do masters in psychology from IGNOU? ›

Is IGNOU suitable for M.A in Psychology? Ans. Pursuing M.A in Psychology from IGNOU is valid. This university is a governmental open learning university, and its degree is acceptable all over the world.

Can I do MSc in psychology online? ›

Ans: Students can pursue MSc Psychology in distance learning mode at the master's degree level.

Is IGNOU degree respected? ›

The degree from IGNOU University is valid and acceptable in overseas and foreign countries with ease. The robust reason behind IGNOU is a recognized university under UGC and is governmental too. Adding further, the degree from this university is approved by DEC and AICTE as well.

Is an IGNOU degree valid? ›

IGNOU Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates are recognized by all member universities of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and are at par with Degrees/Diplomas/ Certificates of all Indian Universities/Institutions, as per UGC Circular letter No.

Which is better distance or IGNOU? ›

If you want to acquire a degree without attending regular classes from a world-class open university then IGNOU is the best choice but if you can attend regular classes then regular universities are the best option.

What is the difference between distance and online in IGNOU? ›

Compared to distant learning, online learning is far more interactive. In this form of learning, students get access to a vast e-learning content and online lectures (live and recorded). Many discussions take place between teachers and students through an online digital platform.

What are the disadvantages of IGNOU? ›

Cons of Graduation from IGNOU

No Practical Knowledge: To learn and understand something, practical work is the most important thing. But IGNOU students lack practical knowledge. It is hard to develop practical skills through distance learning. Poor Networking: In distance education, you are studying from your home.

Is IGNOU better than regular college degree? ›

While a regular college is surely a great option for face-to-face education, IGNOU is also one such renowned college in India. The only difference is that IGNOU offers distance learning education under the recognition of UGC. But this has always remained an ongoing debate among people without any concrete result.

Is IGNOU tough than regular college degree? ›

The university has a syllabus with a detailed explanation of topics. Each topic comprises several details that you need to go through and write in the assignments as well as in the examinations. Though the IGNOU degree may seem tough, it is not difficult to pass it.

Is IGNOU RCI approved? ›

No, but you are eligible to get admission at RCI recognized institutes. If you have done an MA in Psychology from IGNOU, you will need to do an M. Phil or a Ph.

Is Indian Psychology degree valid in USA? ›

Yes, an Indian can work as a Psychologist in the USA if they meet all the necessary eligibility criteria.

Is it good to do MSc from IGNOU? ›

After graduating from IGNOU with M.Sc, the students are eligible for further studies and also for certain jobs in different companies. The course is also helpful for those professional workers who are involved in some professional activity and want to take a master's degree to develop or promote their career.

What is the eligibility criteria for MSc Psychology in IGNOU? ›

In order to take admission in the Distance MSc in Psychology, students must have at least a graduation degree from a UGC-recognized university. Also, students need to make sure that they scored at least 55% marks in their graduation.

Can we do MSc psychology in distance education? ›

Ans: Students can pursue MSc Psychology in distance learning mode at the master's degree level. This is an excellent course in distance learning mode that gives a lot of career opportunities after completion.

Which is the best psychology distance learning in India? ›

One of the renowned BSc Psychology Distance Education Colleges is IGNOU, admission to which is done online. Other institutes conducting BSc Psychology Distance Education are NIMS University, Kalinga University, Jaipur National University, and others.

Can I do Masters in Psychology from distance learning? ›

The MA in Psychology is an excellent course through distance learning as students can get massive career opportunities after completing the course. A distance learning course is a valid course and approved by the University Grant Commission and AICTE.

Is MSc psychology in distance education worth it? ›

MSc in Psychology Distance Education is worthwhile in many ways and is the most career-oriented study program.

Is degree from IGNOU valid? ›

The degree from IGNOU University is valid and acceptable in overseas and foreign countries with ease. The robust reason behind IGNOU is a recognized university under UGC and is governmental too. Adding further, the degree from this university is approved by DEC and AICTE as well.

Can I do Masters in Psychology online in India? ›

CIIS offers Masters in Psychology Distance learning program, a two years course which can be pursued completely through correspondence.

Is Indian psychology degree valid in USA? ›

Yes, an Indian can work as a Psychologist in the USA if they meet all the necessary eligibility criteria.


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